International Hair Studio knows that hair loss can be devastating and often unexpected. Many of us try to downplay it – but let’s face facts – nobody wants to lose their hair.

For some hair loss can be the start of depression. Many men and women stop social activities, hide behind hats, they avoid photos or even avoid looking in the mirror. We have seen people modify their entire lifestyle, because they are embarrassed of their receding hairline, bald patches or thinning hair density.

Most people will change their styling and try to cover up. This only leads to eventual embarrassment and frustration… Or worse, some accept that “it is their fate to be bald”, and unhappily live their life this way.

Many men and women are still victims to the old thought “there is nothing you can do about hair loss.” This is incorrect, in this day and age hair loss can be stopped and the loss replaced. There are now new procedures to return your full hairstyle again. These methods can be undetectable, permanent, and done without any form of surgery.

International Hair Studio offers the most effective possible treatments for all forms of hair loss – from naturally thin hair, Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, male and female pattern baldness, hormonal hair loss, or hair loss due to drug use, medical treatments or trauma.

Our international team has over twenty year’s experience introducing, researching and practising the most effective methods available, and importantly you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford it.

The problem of hair loss is an ‘age old’ one, and International Hair Studio has developed new, male and female hair, loss strategies to combat hair loss and to get back to the ‘old’ you – the confident one with great looking hair!

Hair loss is the cause of much suffering and anxiety and it is more common than one might think; hair loss can strike men and women of all age groups and from any walk of life. And just because there is no one with hair loss in the family it does not guarantee that you will not have a hair problem.

Hair loss is often increased or sped up by stress, dieting, poor circulation, steroid use, mineral deficiency, genetics, pregnancy or moving to a new country or change of environment. These events and conditions can cause a change in the body’s hormones and effect DHT – a contributor to hair loss.

Psychological distress can also makes matters worse. And the more hair we lose the more we worry about it – and then the more we worry about it, the more hair we lose… It is a vicious cycle!

Therefore it is vitally important that anyone experiencing the first signs of hair loss should seek help and advice as soon as possible. Do not wait for the hair loss to progress and major baldness to occur.

Hair loss can be easily compared to a problem with your teeth. The sooner it is treated, the better, simpler, easier, quicker and less expensive the solution will be.

So don’t wait until it is too late – book an appointment at one of our clinics to see a hair loss specialist, and make hair loss a concern of the past.

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